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This article hosted by "Tails of Connection" is by Kassidi Jones. It entails what Kassidi's dogs instagram account taught her about race.


Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity (CARE) is invested in human & animal well-being whilst prioritizing BIPoC & other marginalized peoples.


Franklin County Dog Shelter location in Columbus, OH offers a free spay/neuter program for dogs in low-income households. The program is called "SNYP IT, C-BUS."

Funny Pitbull Portrait

This Cincinnati-based humane society serves all of Hamilton County for numerous animal-related needs.


The Community Cat Initiative is held every Friday and serves 30-35 feral (unowned) cats per day. CCI is offered to any resident in Franklin County, no rescue affiliation is required. Cost is $20 per cat.


Columbus Humane assists pet owners in crisis throughout Franklin County. 


This humane society serves all of the greater Cleveland area for all types of animal related needs. 

Enjoying the Brush

 The Toledo Humane Society leads the community in efforts focused on relieving the suffering of, preventing cruelty to and providing for the humane treatment of animals.

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